Mr Empanada Franchise Corp

Guiding Values


Mission Statement

Mr. Empanada’s mission is to provide our customers with delicious food, amazing service, and a friendly atmosphere. We desire to be the first place customers think of when it’s time to eat out.



At Mr. Empanada we pride ourselves on bringing something unique and exciting to the fast-casual dining experience.

The company’s founding family¬† values quality, commitment and dedication; our business is guided by three core principles.

1. Make a Difference!

We want to have a positive and significant impact on the communities where we do business and to the customers in those communities.

2. Respect Others.

We are committed to treating every customer and employee with respect, honoring their contributions to our daily operations and success.

3. Be the Best at What We Do

We are 100% committed to both quality and excellence in everything we do from our food to our storefronts.

With our commitment to quality ingredients, diverse menu offerings, and unsurpassed customer service, Mr. Empanada has established itself as a unique brand with excellent franchise opportunities.

We look to partner with people who share our vision, enthusiasm, and dedication to bringing top-quality empanadas (and more!) to markets throughout the United States. With numerous franchise locations, a loyal customer base, and strong brand loyalty, Mr. Empanada is well positioned for dynamic growth.